Eggs are rich in nutrients which are vital for development and wellbeing of human body and should be a part of our diet.

Eggs for weight loss

Eggs are full of proteins, vitamins essential for good health and various minerals including phosphorus, zinc and iron that lacks in today’s diet and many people are unaware of this knowledge.

The calorie contents of eggs are very low which make them an ideal food for weight loss. Each egg contains only seventy two to seventy eight calories.

The high proteins content of eggs helps in boosting metabolic rate up to hundred calories per day and as a result you burn more calories resulting in a healthy weight loss.

These proteins also provide you energy for longer duration. Less proteins intake lead towards weaker muscles whose deficiency can easily be fulfilled by consuming two to three eggs in your diet.

Eggs For Weight Loss

Moreover eggs contain adequate amount of minerals like zinc and iron which helps in keeping immune system healthy and helps in getting rid of laziness.

Eggs are also rich in amino acids and Vitamin A which helps in further boosting the health of bones, strengthening of vision and reduction in weight as well.

Eggs contain considerable amount of high density lipoprotein which helps in reducing diseases related with heart.

Utilizing eggs in breakfast makes you fell feel for longer duration. As a result you fell less hungry and eventually food intake will be reduced leading towards weight loss.

Various studies have shown that taking eggs in breakfast keeps you full throughout the day by reducing appetite, resulting in less calorie intake.

As already described above 1 egg calories are very less, it is recommended to take two eggs in breakfast as it will result in consumption of approximately one hundred and fifty six calories.

Egg yolks are rich source of Vitamin D a nutrient vital for the development of healthy bones. Vitamin D in egg yolks act as a shield against a disease known as osteoporosis.

Boiled eggs for weight loss

1 egg calories vary from seventy two to seventy eight which can be increased in case you use oil to fry the egg. However the calorie count will not increase when you boil the egg.

So this is only the healthiest way to consume eggs is to use boiled eggs and the best reason why are eggs good for weight loss. Hence, it is highly recommended to use boiled eggs for weight loss.

How many eggs can I eat a day to lose Weight?

Since there are seventy eight or roughly eighty calories in one boiled egg. So 2 boiled egg calories are around one hundred and sixty, You can utilize two to three boiled eggs during breakfast.

However for the patients of heart diseases it is highly recommended to prefer whites only so that their cholesterol level remains at the optimum level.

Eggs For Weight Loss

Egg Diet for weight loss

You can include eggs in your breakfast in the following forms


You can also make omelet of two eggs in order to utilize during breakfast. Include any low curb vegetables besides two eggs which helps in keeping you full for longer duration. As a result you crave less for food resulting in low calories intake which eventually leads towards weight loss.

After reading this article You can definitely say that eggs for weight loss can be considered as one of the best organic products.

Disclaimer: Anyone who is suffering from any disease or specially heart disease, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor or physician before adding eggs in your diet. Also it is advisable to consult your physician before starting egg diet for weight loss.

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