Almost everyone is fairly prone to heart diseases. How do we lower our chances and How to keep heart healthy and strong let’s find out. Heart disease is very common problem now a days worldwide. Globally the incidence of heart disease is rising and widespread.

Heart disease is something that is so common that people want to prevent that. Various causes of heart disease could be high cholesterol, high blood pressure valve not functioning well, thickening of arteries in the body, obesity and stress and most of these causes are because of our faulty lifestyle and fault attitude.

How To Keep Heart Healthy And Strong

It is not the young son bringing his old father for a heart operation, the old father bringing his young son for a heart operation. What can one do starting today to help improve the health of their heart? How to keep heart healthy and strong?

  • First they need to monitor what food they eat.
  • Reduce oil content in the diet.
  • Go for mainly vegetables and fruits.
  • Fat has to be less. No red meat.
  • No smoking alcohol. If it has to be taken it has to be taken in moderation
  • You need to do exercise at least for half an hour to one hour every day.
  • If you are stressed you can go for yoga and meditation which will definitely help you.
  • Avoid Alcoholic drinks as much as you can. Don’t get drunk which is not good for you.
  • You have to look after your heart for a healthy life.
  • Reduce your cholesterol level.

How To Keep Heart Healthy And Strong

There are 3 types of fats, saturated fats, unsaturated fats and trans fats.

As far as Trans fats are concerned, totally avoid them, as far as possible and these you get from processed food refined food stored food packeted food roasted food and fried foods.

Saturated fats should be taken in our body but in limited quantity, it could be dairy products, like cheese milk ghee. These should be taken in a limited quantity, a spoon of ghee in a day and fresh cottage cheese could be taken in a limited quantity.

Third type of fat is unsaturated fat, which you get from peanuts and other nuts, seeds olive oil and so on, now this fat is supposed to be very good fat. Person should take this fat because this fat really helps in removing the blockages from our system. It gives healthy cholesterol to help heart health.

Work on your mind – Cardiac issue is more common in type A personalities. These are those personalities who want to do things in a rush, they want everything perfect and quick, they hurry, worry and that creates the whole problem with their system, their thinking is very very fast, and they want to perform and so on. So here what is required is person has to calm himself down.

Person can’t expect perfection in the outside world, he has to maintain perfection within himself. He should do things perfectly but expecting from others is going to bring the chaos in his life and blood pressure is going to shoot up, cholesterol is going to shoot up and that will create problems for him.

There are meditative techniques available which person should do very regularly.

Even during sleep if you have eaten very heavy food, more than half of your stomach, it is going to be a risky factor, so try and eat little with calm mind and then sleep after 3 hours of your last meal. All these things should be a regular discipline of your life.

Learn to work without stress and tension. Without stress you can work much more and much happier and have a right attitude towards your life. Try and see that you take care of every part of your body thoroughly well. Look after yourself learn to be happy and enjoy your life with good health and good cheer.

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