The jura z8 automatic coffee machine is  latest model, meaning that it’s top of the line line. It has all of yours new technologies and it’s packed with features that simply are not found in other home super automatic espresso machines. I’m going to discuss the features of this incredibly high end home espresso machine.

Jura Z8 Automatic Espresso Machine


The first thing I’m going to show you is a general overview of the external features of this machine. When we look at the Z8, the first thing that we notice is the new touchscreen interface. This is a 4.3 inch touchscreen, it’s very responsive, very easy to use. And this is the type of technology we’re all used to using with our smartphones now.

Jura Z8 Automatic Coffee Machine Review 2024Jura Z8 Automatic Coffee Machine Review 2022
Water tank

The water tank has a visual display so you can see how much water you have left, which is really handy. There’s a nice blue light in there that illuminates your water tank, and this can be refilled by either opening the top or filling it using a pitcher. Or you can easily remove this tank using the handle.

Coffee Beans Hopper

The coffee beans are at the top it’s a generous sized Hopper. You can fit quite a bit of coffee inside there. And back we have the bypass dosa. If you want to bypass the coffee that’s inside the bean Hopper, you can use pre ground coffee and that’s good if you want to use another blend or if you’d like to use a flavored coffee, because we don’t recommend putting flavored coffee into the grinder.

Coffee Spouts

And we have two coffee spouts which are adjustable so you can move them further out if you have a larger cup or closer in if you have just a single Espresso Cup and the milk is also dispensed back here and here to the left we have the water dispenser and that dispenses hot water if you want it for tea or for an Americano.

Jura z8 automatic coffee machine has adjustable spout. It can actually accommodate a very large cup, but you want it to be approximately the height of your cup, not to lose too much heat. Press the one touch Americano function. Now what the Z Eight does that no machine prior to it at least no home super automatic machine has done as it makes a true Americano. So first it’s going to extract the espresso, and then it’s going to pour just water.

It’s not going to continue pouring water through the coffee. It actually has a separate line that just gives you fresh water, and you set that up in your drink menu. You can program, of course, your volume of coffee and then your volume of water. So once it extracts the coffee, it’s now just adding water to give us a true Americano (which you select from 21 available options with the help of touchscreen).

And this makes Americanos very easy. The next drink which can be made easily is a double espresso. By using the Rotary dial that’s on the right hand side here, we can actually access an additional menu that has more drinks, including doubles.

Adjust the butterfly spout to accommodate the cups perfectly. And then press the double espresso button. The machine grinds enough coffee for two espressos and will deliver one and a half ounces into each cup. You can make up to 21 specialty drinks through Jura Z8 automatic coffee machine.

P.E.P Technology

Jura Z8 automatic coffee machine has P.E.P technology, which is pulse extraction process and has greatly improved the taste of the espresso. The extraction is nice and slow.

Stainless Steel Thermal Blocks

The Jura Z8 automatic coffee machine also has two stainless steel thermal blocks on the inside. So it has a thermal block that’s devoted to espresso production and another thermal block that’s devoted to steam production, so it can make the drinks very quickly.

Smartphone Compatibility

The touchscreen interface on the Z8 is like a smartphone and it really is one of the features that come standard on the Z8 is yours smart connect. It means that you can control the Jura Z8 automatic coffee machine using smartphone and the whole interface is just mimicked on your smartphone. So open up the app and just press the button. There’s a two second delay and it’s going to start making the drink.

Coffee of Your Own Choice

One of the benefits of this is if you have a have several people who make coffee, each one can set their own drink settings on the app, as opposed to on the machine. So if you like coffee a little bit different than your partner, simply start the process from your smartphone instead of from the machine.

And this is also a new feature. It makes making drinks quicker and no other machine, no other. Your machine has had this feature in the past. Only the Jura Z8 automatic coffee machine has it, which is really cool. You can get very quick milk based drinks.

Jug of Coffee

Another feature which is very unique to a super automatic espresso machine is a jug of coffee and this button is programmable and what it does! It basically just makes several Americanos in a row. You can program up to eight strokes, which means it can make eight drinks in a row. 

The jura z8 automatic coffee machine is definitely worth to buy for coffee and espresso lovers.

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