With the help of these smart watches, parents can keep an eye on their kids through a GPS phone where ever they are. These smart watch for kids to call parents can be easily tied onto the wrists of little kids.

These watches have the option to tune in into sounds encompassing them or call and speak with them as required. Find below the best watches for your kids to call their parents:

Best Watch For Kids to call Parents

Kids Smart Watch By Karaforna

Main Features: Global Positioning System, SOS Emergency Alarm, Games, Camera, Self dialing.

In order to ensure safety of kids, Parents can control this watch through an application known as Setracker. Parents can configure ten phone numbers in this smart watch and can chat up to fifteen seconds with their kids.

When the kids are in their classroom parents can switch the watch to Do Not Disturb mode in order to void the interference of class time. It’s the best kids smartwatch with GPS.

Kids Smart Watch By Enow-YL

Main Features:

2 way call, SOS emergency call, camera, games, Remote voice monitor (On calling, watch will respond without reminder).

Parents can easily control the watch through an application. You can feed up to ten numbers in the application. In case of any danger children can hold the SOS button for quit some time and alarm will be triggered which notified the parents that their kids are in danger.

Parents can take the photos of their children remotely with the help of the application with the help of camera in the watch and can easily keep an eye on their children. These features make this watch a best watch for kids to call parents.

Kids Smart Watch By TickTalk

Main Features:

Video calling and chatting, Waterproof

Parents can watch their children while calling tough this smart watch by Ticktalk. Children can send already installed prompt messages to their parents. The water resistant feature keeps the smart watch safe when it drowned in the water or poolside.

Kids Smart Watch By JsBaby

Main Features:

SOS Call and Monitoring, Voice messaging, Waterproof

Whenever the children are in danger, they can easily communicate with their parents by pressing the SOS button for three seconds and then the watch will alert up to three numbers that can be configured through application spontaneously. There is no need to take off the watch while swimming as it is water proof.

Kids Smart Watch By SZBXD

Main features:

2 Way Calling, Instant messages, Water proof

When the kids are not anywhere near, this smart watch is the best Watch for kids to call parents and is the most helpful instrument for associating then with their parents.

Parents can keep an eye on their kids through the supported application. Kids can call and send instant messages through watch which will be received by their parents through installed application.

YENISEY Kids Smart Watch

Main features:

Two way calling, SOS Calling, Camera, Educational Games, Music player/Radio

In case of emergency kids can press the SOS button twice and parents can keep track of their children. Best watch for kids to give as a present. This is the finest integrated educational game watch for kids. Kids can enjoy listening songs on music player or radio.

Smart Watch for Kids By Ralehong

Main features:

SOS Mode, Phone, educational games, Camera, Music player

Best kids smart watch phone capable of delivering two way communication between kids and their parents. In the SOS mode the watch will call the parents (numbers stored in the watch).  A great present for on almost every occasion including birthdays, new year eve, Christmas e.t.c.

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